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Lang Son Province, a mountainous destination with many highlights such as Mac Dynasty, Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh Grottoes, Mau Son Mountain, Bac Son Valley, Dong Kinh, and Ky Lua market.

What is the general information of Lang Son Province?

Lang Son is a frontier mountainous province in the Northeast of Vietnam and its capital is also called Lang Son. The province is about 155km from Hanoi capital. It has the shared borders with Guangxi (China) in the east (with two international border crossings to China), Cao Bang province in the northwest, Ha Bac Province in the south, Quang Ninh Province from the south to the eastern and Thai Nguyen Province in the west. To get from Hanoi to Lang Son, you might take your private car or public bus (about 3hours drive) or go there by local train from Hanoi railway station.
Lang Son Province lies at 263m above sea level. It has warm and temperate weather with an average annual temperature of around 17°C/62.6oF – 22°C/71.6oF. In summer, the average temperature is about 28.5 °C (83.3 °F) and about 12–13 °C (54–55 °F) in the winter. Besides, it falls around 1,200–1,600 millimeters (47–63 in) for average annual precipitation sum, about 80–85% for average humidity, and approximately 1600 hours of sunlight a year.

What to see in Lang Son Province?

With the mountainous terrain, Lang Son province owns many caves, forests, and beautiful landscapes and even a cool pleasant climate in summer. Although this is not a key tourist destination for international tourists, it is still considered as an attractive destination for many tourists. Let’s explore its typical spots in this area.

Tam Thanh Cave

Located in Tam Tham ward and about 2km from Lang Son city of Lang Son Province, Tam Thanh Cave with magnificent natural beauty is one of the attractive sites for the tourists.
This is a very large and seductive cave where visitors can see the beautiful stalagmites. Inside the grotto; it’s Tam Thanh Pagoda with Buddha statue – a spiritual worship place for the local people and domestic visitors. Otherwise, there’s a lotus basin taking the pure water from the ceiling of the cave and a “natural window” offering a view over the surrounding rice fields.

Nhi Thanh Grotto

It is in Nhi Thanh Street and about 1km from Lang Son city, Nhi Thanh is a natural stone cave with 500 meters long, found by the celebrity Ngo Thi Sy. Inside, there is a holy Pagoda of Triple Regions worshipping Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. And there are many stalactites and stalagmites in different forms, making the grotto more grotesque and mysterious.

Mau Son Mountain

Situated in Loc Binh District and around 30km from the center of Lang Son of Lang Son Province, Mau Son Mountain becomes a famous destination for the ancient French architectural buildings as well as the mountainous amazing natural scenery.
As the mountain is about 1000m high above sea level, so its weather in summer is very cool and suitable for a relaxing vacation in the hot season. Moreover, stand up on the top of the mountain will offer a wonderful panoramic view around this region and have nice unique shots. Besides, this region is home to the ethnic minority communities, mostly Dao people, so joining in their daily life, culture, and customs will be one of the memorable experiences.

Bac Son Valley

Placed around 90km from Lang Son center and 160km from Hanoi capital, Bac Son Valley is a rural district of Lang Son Province. This region is famous for the high mountains, stunning valleys, and paddy fields which all together create a picturesque landscape. Hence it becomes an amazing land for the photographers and the adventurous people looking for trekking tours in the lush countryside.
Moreover, this is home to the Tay ethnic minority with their traditional houses on stilt. So tourists may have a good chance to stay in this house style, join in the ethnic people’s daily farming activities as well as explore their culture and custom.

Mac Dynasty

Situated in Tam Thanh about 5km from Lang Son city, Mac Dynasty – an architectural vestige of the military base was built around the 16th and 17th century by King Mac Dinh Dec against King Le – Trinh. Nowadays this becomes a famous site attracting visitors who love learning more the historical relics.
Mac Dynasty retains two long stone walls (about 300m high and 1m wide of the surface), lying between the cliffs of mountains. And visitors must take about 100 steps up to the top of the fortress for a panoramic view of the surroundings.

To Thi Mountain or Vong Phu Mountain

On the mountain, there is a humanoid rock, which has been related to a legend story of Mrs. To Thi, who was carrying her baby and waiting for her husband never coming back from the frontier, and finally, she was turned into a rock. And the local people took her name to call this mountain.
Time flies, this monument has been ruined but now it is recovered as original to maintain a vestige that imprinted on the local people’s heart. To get on this mountain, visitors must take the stairs up and it should not be recommended for those with health issued.

Dong Kinh Market and Ky Lua Night Market

Besides the popular sites suggested above for the tourists, Lang Son city is one of the famous destinations for shopping places. It has two well-known markets: Dong Kinh Market and Ky Lua Night Market.
Dong Kinh market (daily open) is known as the largest trading center in Lang Son city which has 3 floors: 1st one for electric appliances, 2nd one for grocery stuff, and the last one for fashions. Besides, this market is also used as a trading area between Vietnamese and Chinese businessmen.
Ky Lua Night Market is also a popular market for tourists in Lang Son city. The market is opened from 08:00AM – 22.00PM on following days 2,7,12,17,22,27 of the lunar calendar. The market is a meeting place to exchange the goods as well as the cultural exchange place of many ethnic peoples such as Nung, Tay, Kinh, Dao, Hoa, etc.

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